Stop Fooling Yourself

Any time you're not doing the thing you want to do you're wasting your time. If you're a writer, and you're on a forum about writing, then you're not writing and you're just distracting yourself from the inevitable. Why are we so afraid to do that which we need to? What is this force that … Continue reading Stop Fooling Yourself


Past, Present, Future III

And so it is within these three states that you must learn to exist. The past to analyze and learn from. The future to plan and look forward to. The present to enjoy and be free. Identify too strongly with any of these and your life will be unbalanced. Lack of balance, when unaddressed for … Continue reading Past, Present, Future III


Why do we dwell on what has already passed? Why does the unchangeable have such a hold on us? Regret is unique. Almost all of us indulge it in some form or another, and yet there's something rather sick about it. Because it's the past, right? It's a corpse, stiff and bloated, and we just … Continue reading Regret